Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DeflateGate is about social justice and equality in the NFL

The NFL has become a 'black' sport. With a few exceptions the players and commentators are African-American. The players that run afoul of the law are usually black for no other reason that they are the vast majority of players. But there must be social justice and there must be equality.

The recent  DeflateGate report and the punishment meted out as a result are simply a case of the NFL saying, 'see we punish the bad white people.'  The report contained no damning facts and reads more like a hatchet piece from The New York Times. 

So the NFL has done its social justice CYA and the reaction is about what you would expect. A league with the most hysterically lax drug policies and problems with violence against women has made its sacrifice to the Social Justice Gods. 

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