Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jesse Mathew Charged With Murder Of Hannah Graham

Citing new forensic evidence prosecutors have charged Mathew with capital murder.
Security video led investigators to Mathew in connection with the disappearance of 18 year old Hannah Graham then a UVA sophomore. After an interview with investigators the former cabbie panicked and fled to Galveston, Texas.  After Mathew was taken into custody authorities revealed that DNA had linked their suspect to other attacks.

Mathew, it was discovered, had been a college football player and had left two schools amid accusations of sexual misconduct. Notably his alleged attacks, upon leaving college, occurred after the fall semester had begun. 

One of Mathew's early attacks was interrupted leaving a witness.  Mathew has been charged in that case which took place in another jurisdiction. If the Graham case goes forward prosecutors have indicated they would seek the death penalty.

On the night of Graham's disappearance video shows a disoriented Graham walking in the opposite direction of Mathew.  Sources say that Mathew can then be seen to turn around and follow the teen.

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