Friday, May 1, 2015

Obama's Policy of Distraction: Baltimore

The riots in Baltimore increasingly seem to have been manufactured after learning that police were told to stand down.  When you consider that all of this has been about a career drug dealer who's death in custody is still a mystery it all seems very convenient for a President whose policies are failing so spectacularly all over the world.
Not manufactured?  But as many as 50 social media accounts involved in the Ferguson riots have been actively agitating in Baltimore. The Conservative Treehouse documents what many around the country have not been told.  Blacks are openly and deliberately attacking white businesses.  Leading to mysterious comments in the media about how some businesses were completely destroyed while others were untouched.  As if they didn't know why.

Democrats and this President seem to be in the business of standing down.  After all, isn't that his official policy in the Middle East?
All of this standing down doesn't mean that the Democrat Obama hasn't been scheming in the background.  Obama has removed sanctions from Iran even as former U.S. ally Saudi Arabia fights a war on its border against Iranian backed Houthi fighters.  A pattern has emerged, Obama starts the trouble then stands down.

Muslims Detained After Throwing Christians Overboard

With talk about revolution leading to peaceful democracy Obama led the charge to destroy Libya and transform it into a failed state, but I've covered all that.  Set up the trouble; support Arab Spring, destroy Libya, stand down.  And BTW let Europe deal with the fallout. As a result of Obama's misguided policies thousands are pouring across Libya then the Mediterranean to land in Europe.  People whose lives are put in jeopardy by failed borders (strangely like our own failed southern border) bringing us more stories of human suffering that could have been avoided.  Who needs to do the soul searching now, Mister President?

Meanwhile, the Glorious One is working on free trade agreements that even his own party denounce.

So our Glorious Leader says we need to do some soul searching.  After spending 22 trillion dollars on anti-poverty programs?  After the establishment of Affirmative Action in 1961 by Democratic President JFK?  After the establishment of scores of government agencies to ensure every kind of equality you can possibly imagine, we need to do some soul searching.  Or maybe he was talking to the blacks who target and destroy white owned businesses.  I doubt it.

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