Thursday, May 14, 2015

Phoney Global Warming Headlines

Sea levels are rising at faster clip as polar melt accelerates, new study shows

That is the headline from a story in the Washington Post. The article goes on to talk about a study done which involved going back and looking at sea level gauges from around the world.  Revealing a startling sea level rise of about a tenth of an inch.

As always the devil is in the details and you can't expect these Global Warming prophets to be completely honest.  So, check out the first sentence of the last paragraph.

"Watson noted that sea levels can fluctuate naturally as water is exchanged between the sea and land, and for that reason, the higher rate of increase described in the study is too small to be regarded as statistically significant."
Here the story has gone from a compelling headline on sea level rise to guess what, we got squat. So as you read that Republicans in congress are re tasking NASA to do more space exploration and less earth science remember the man-made climate change crowd ain't got squat.

The whole climate change agenda is built upon volumes of useless studies designed to bury their opponents. They know that it is impossible to go line by line and repudiate their every assertion. Global Warming has been blamed for volcanoes, earthquakes and premature gray.  All of this and when our elected representatives ask the EPA and other agencies for hard science guess what? They ain't got squat.

Like Seinfeld the Paris Summit will be a show about nothing.

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