Friday, May 15, 2015

Rule Five Sex In Advertising

"From a marketing point of view, sexuality can have biological, emotional/physical or spiritual aspects." - Wikipedia
I don't know about you but I'm digging on the spiritual aspect.  The one thing that can't be disputed is that sex sells. From attractive women at trade shows handing out samples to the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition sex equals CHA CHING. And it's not just the guys that are looking.
Candice Swanepoel
Guys have you ever wondered why it is that when you're out with friends the women go to the bathroom together? They're showing off their boobs to one another. Scouts Honor, my ex-wife gave me the low down on the whole deal! The point I'm making is that women look at other women and marketing gurus have known this for a long time.

Yes, Big Tobacco was targeting women with these ads and Cheryl Tiegs was their weapon of choice.  Attractive women selling other women anything from housewares to designer jeans. So it sounds a bit phony to me when some women complain about sex in advertising.
Brooke Shields
Obviously Ovaltine has gone through some marketing changes. You can gather all the shrinks in the world to tell you this or that about sex in advertising but it doesn't mean a damn.  It's as simple as the birds and bees, sex sells.
Cobie Smulders aka Agent Maria Hill
Women's Health isn't putting Cobie Smulders on its cover to get men to buy the magazine. Although there are some guys who might have to smuggle it back to the bathroom when wifey isn't looking. If I had fantasies about this woman they could be classified as suicidal thoughts because if anything did happen I'd be dead the next morning of cardiac arrest.
I'm not sure that Linda Blair ever did an advertising campaign but she symbolizes perfectly why I do RULE FIVE, sex sells. And with any luck it will give Wombaticus Prime a pleasant distraction as he prepares for the big move.

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