Sunday, May 24, 2015

Teacher Jennifer Caswell Blames Fling With Student On Ex

I recall reading the first reports on this story. Jennifer (then) Sexton, 27, an Oklahoma middle school teacher was busted with a fifteen year old boy in a Mississippi motel. My first thought was, isn't that kidnapping?
Now the former teacher has gone on Dr. Phil and, according to a story at The Daily Caller, blames her slutty behavior on her ex-husband. I know! I almost fell out of my chair too. As a former Boy Scout I am always prepared and now have seat belts installed on my desk chair to use when I'm Googling Teacher Arrested stories.

"The boy was the aggressor, Caswell insisted to Dr. Phil. He constantly flirted with the teacher, complimented her and showered her with affection." - Daily Caller
Translation, he looked at her and stuff.  It's the same old song and dance from a teacher exposed as a slut. You're to believe this woman who drove a boy to a motel in Olive Branch Mississippi for sex is a paragon of virtue who now wants to come clean about the whole thing. Except, she's not accepting any of the responsibility for her misconduct.

"Caswell felt undesirable, she said, because her seven-year marriage was going badly at the time (when she was known as Jennifer Sexton)."
Translation, after seven years she wasn't giving the old man any and had begun to fantasize about the young stuff. Again, check out the story at The Daily Caller. She says her husband was coming home from work, talking with friends on the phone and playing Xbox. Translation, her husband had grown tired of begging her for sex and these are the things he was doing to keep the peace.

I once dated a woman who after a couple of dates decided to tell me why she got divorced. Her husband, she said, came home from work every night, ate dinner and after watching some TV went off to bed. But she wanted excitement. She wanted to party, you know? And I had to move the hell on.

A successful wife finds ways to keep the marriage going. The marriage itself has value to a good woman. And a good wife can lure her man away from the XBox anytime she wants IFYKWIMAIKTYD.

Finally, if you are even a somewhat attractive woman and you're around teenage boys be prepared for them to look at you and stuff. If that is too much temptation for you then please seek professional help before you ruin someone else's child.

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