Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Girls of Jurassic World.

That's right, the long awaited sequel to Jurassic Park is here.  Dinosaurs brought to life in the modern day and all of that jazz.  This time they've gotten it right but when sales drop they come up with a new gimmick that somehow goes awry.  But this flick about cold blooded lizards has a few hot blooded women so let's take a look.
Judy Greer - Californication
Judy Greer took some time off from voicing Cheryl Tunt on Archer to be in Jurassic. Curiously, IMDB doesn't list the character she will portray. Greer has a long career in both film and television including an appearance on Big Bang Theory in just her skivvies. I'm pretty sure Sheldon didn't get to snort cocaine out of her butt. WooHoo!
Yeah, the movie is about dinosaurs but you'd have to have been living in a cave not to know who this redhead is. Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of Ron Howard. You may also remember her from Lady in the Water.
Katie McGrath - The Labyrinth
Katie has done most of her work on the BBC. Considering she has no formal training as an actress this Irish lass has done quite well.  She can be seen in Merlin as Morgana and Lucy in Dracula, both are BBC products.

Jurassic World was shot in Baton Rouge so I can assure you the bugs are real.  The women are real and with any luck the movie will be real.  Let's hope.

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