Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UC San Diego's Nude Final Exam

"Put this in the you-can’t-make-up-this-stuff category: At the University of California San Diego, a controversy is brewing over an art class in which students take the final exam in the nude."
While stories on this controversy are quick to point out that the course isn't required to graduate and that students aren't required to strip down to pass the class they fail to recognize the coercive element present in this arrangement.

The dust up began with a woman saying that her daughter wasn't aware of the nude exam before signing up for the course.   Imagine the awkwardness of being one of those who might object to stripping for Ricardo Dominguez's final? Oh, you may not be required to get naked for the professor but one could certainly imagine that it would help your final grade.

With all of the talk of Rape Culture and unreasonable pressure Ricardo's nude final is really okay with the rabid progressives. As long as it tears down societal norms university professors are pretty safe in their perverted endeavors. The only real art in the minds of these academics must be offensive to what is left of mainstream America.  Gutter trolling is the new higher learning.

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