Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flags and Tyrany

I drive a big truck and once upon a time I was in Rome Georgia to pick up a load at a recycling plant. After finding my way to the shipping office I was greeted by a good sized man of Mexican ancestry wearing a tee shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag.

I pointed out to him that if I walked into a customer's shipping office wearing such a shirt someone might say something and I would get in trouble. Smiling broadly he answered that he was a Mexican redneck. Of course, all of this seemed funny.

He went on to tell me that he was first generation American and a Vietnam veteran from Texas. When he had moved to north Georgia he had some trouble from a local deputy who routinely pulled him over apparently just because he was Mexican. One day after being pulled over he produced his military paperwork and informed the deputy that he would call the office of his congressional representative if the officer persisted in this harassment. No more problem.

And now because the vast majority of people are too stupid, close minded and completely propagandized I throw something out there that's beyond the ability to comprehend just because it's funny like that.

ISIS is destroying ancient Muslim shrines in the Syrian city of Palmyra.

Just a completely random thing.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

In The Noose

Topping the headlines this week, alleged gunman Dylann Roof killed nine members of a Charleston South Carolina church including the pastor. Despite the tragedy Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church opened its door for services Sunday.

It is still not clear why this deranged killer drove two hours to target this church and its pastor.
On Monday European heads of state will gather at an emergency summit to discuss the looming Greek default. The European Central took emergency measures this past week to shore up Greek banks after nervous depositors began pulling funds from the troubled nation's banks. This was a run of over 1 billion Euros a day leaving Greek banks. A June 30th deadline looms which may end with Greece leaving the Euro zone.

In the midst of all of this, thousands take to the streets of London to protest against austerity measures there. Apparently, not everyone can read the writing on the wall, eh?

Saudi airstrikes continued this week against the Iranian backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.
"Since early May, the rebels and their allies have launched near-daily attacks over the mountainous border into Saudi Arabia, even firing a Scud missile, according to Houthi fighters and foreign analysts. The Houthis say that they have killed dozens of Saudi soldiers and civilians." - The Washington Post
A familiar strategy, qui? 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Charleston Tragedy and Political Games

In 2012 James Eagan Holmes burst into a Aurora Colorado theater killed 12 and injured 70 others during a showing of The Dark Knight  Rises. Forget motive, he was crazy. Holmes hadn't been right for sometime and nothing was done about it. But if anything else is to blame it is a sick culture which for some time has been trending in a direction of there is no wrong.
Fast forward to 2015 and 9 people are slaughtered in a South Carolina church and it's a hate crime. Never mind that the guy was crazy it's just something else to be used in the vilification of all white people because they're all raaaaacists.
"Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) president Richard Cohen responded to the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting by saying that hate groups are on the rise because President Obama is a black man in the White House."

Read more:

See how quickly the real haters begin to politicize this tragedy? There was a hate group involved? In response to the irrationality of the SPLC I would say that because the Obama administration has attempted at every turn to label all whites as racists we are now dealing with a polarization of our culture along racial lines. Our President doesn't see Americans. He sees groups and his dislike for whites and Christians has been glaring for some time. I'm saying that this administration has exploited race in order to empower itself. Obama has not brought people together but has deepened the divide between blacks and whites. Why?

In the 60's liberals encouraged people to question authority. Now anyone questioning their authority is a raaaaacist, bigot or homophobe.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

In The Noose

Well, that damned old fool broke his leg, idiot.  Yes, I'm talking about Secretary of State, John Kerry.
From The Wall Street Journal
The French speaking Mr. Kerry returned to the US for surgery this week on his broken femur.  Doctors say Hop Along should make a full recovery and will be able to discharge his duties as SecState without any interruption. Get well soon, John.


The Bruce Jenner charade continues and everyone including my brother at The Other McCain is taking the bait. Sure Stacy pushes back against the whole transweirdo bull, as well he should.  But he's been lured into the rabbit hole like almost everyone else.
Jenner, 65, struck Olympic gold in 1976 and has amassed a small fortune of $100M, according to his Wiki. So the man knows how to turn a little bit of fame into big bucks. And so it's very likely that all this transgender crap is just a stunt to make more bucks. There could be an ulterior motive.
On February 7th of this year Jenner struck something else.  According to the NY Daily News the Olympian was doing 38 mph when he rear ended another vehicle which was either stopped or going very slowly. The car he hit was propelled into the oncoming lane and was struck by another vehicle. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene.  Five others were injured. While Jenner is said to have not been drinking or texting at the time it seems obvious that he was distracted. All of this is now old news since he has come out as a woman. Very convenient and very Hollywood.

The train wreck that is Greece continues. On Friday Greece avoided a default by rolling a payment due to the IMF in with three others due by the end of June. Once again kicking the can down the road just a little. I think it has become obvious to most that Greece has no intention to repay its debt. With a debt to GDP ratio of 150% default is almost a certainty. And as this article from Forbes illustrates the problem is really much worse.

Thousands have been rescued from the Mediterranean this week and the flood of migrants shows no sign of abating. In Italy political tensions over the glut of African entitlement seekers is growing.