Sunday, June 21, 2015

In The Noose

Topping the headlines this week, alleged gunman Dylann Roof killed nine members of a Charleston South Carolina church including the pastor. Despite the tragedy Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church opened its door for services Sunday.

It is still not clear why this deranged killer drove two hours to target this church and its pastor.
On Monday European heads of state will gather at an emergency summit to discuss the looming Greek default. The European Central took emergency measures this past week to shore up Greek banks after nervous depositors began pulling funds from the troubled nation's banks. This was a run of over 1 billion Euros a day leaving Greek banks. A June 30th deadline looms which may end with Greece leaving the Euro zone.

In the midst of all of this, thousands take to the streets of London to protest against austerity measures there. Apparently, not everyone can read the writing on the wall, eh?

Saudi airstrikes continued this week against the Iranian backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.
"Since early May, the rebels and their allies have launched near-daily attacks over the mountainous border into Saudi Arabia, even firing a Scud missile, according to Houthi fighters and foreign analysts. The Houthis say that they have killed dozens of Saudi soldiers and civilians." - The Washington Post
A familiar strategy, qui? 

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