Monday, July 27, 2015

Culture of Violence

In my earlier post Violence Against Women I detailed some of the reporting that swirled around the video of FSU quarterback De'Andre Johnson punching a female student in a bar. The gist of which was outlets like ESPN making excuses for the brutal attack. Head coach Jimbo Fisher dismissed Johnson from the team after the video went viral. 

The night before, allegedly, a group of FSU players converged on a pair of women as they prepared to leave a bar at closing time.
​​"They kept telling me they were football players," the woman told ESPN. "They kept telling me to Google them. They told me they were football players and they could buy me in two years."
Dalvin Cook
The confrontation had become heated when the woman refused to give up her phone number, telling the men that she had a boyfriend. The woman, who is not a student at FSU, was reportedly punched several times in the face. The victim later identified star running back Dalvin Cook. Fisher has suspended Cook indefinitely. The two assaults occurred June twenty-third and twenty-fourth.

July third, a Tennessee Titans' wide receiver is arrested for his part in what most media outlets have described as a big brawl. Justin Hunter was arrested for felonious assault. A quick look at media reports might lead you to think that there was this big fight at a Virginia Beach bar and Hunter just happened to get involved.
"Prosecutor Wendy Alexander said Hunter started the fight when he interrupted a conversation between a man and someone else. After they spoke, Hunter punched the man in the face twice, she said, inciting a fight between multiple people." - Sporting News
I'm guessing someone else was a lady person. Just a guess. So one might extrapolate that a young man is having a drink with a lady friend when Hunter, who is so special, decides to disregard any sort of manners or etiquette and hit on this woman. He's so special!!!
"After leaving the bar, Hunter allegedly approached the man who he originally attacked, who was coughing up blood on the sidewalk. Alexander said Hunter then tapped the victim's shoulder and "sucker punched" him."
What a Hero!!! 

July fourth, Andrew Quarless of the Green Bay Packers is arrested for discharging a firearm in public.  According to a Miami parking lot attendant he saw 2 men get out of a black Porshe and approach a vehicle with several women inside. The encounter grew contentious and the attendant said that is when he saw Quarless walk over to the vehicle with a pistol which he fired into the air.
"Another witness told police Quarless "discharged his firearm in an apparent attempt to emphasize his dominance and manhood," according to the police report." - NBC South Florida
July 5th
In Colquitt county Georgia a robbery goes bad and seventeen year old Tykerious Jones, a junior running back, is later arrested along with six other youths.  Jones has confessed to his part in the robbery which led to the murder of sixty-eight year old John Hester. Two of the other six that were arrested played on Colquitt's championship team the previous year.
 July 9th
“I fought the guy off and ran with our dog to the apartment. I am safe, but another child or adult may not be so lucky," the alleged victim wrote. 
Police later arrested Central Michigan defensive back Brandon Greer for attempted kidnapping. According to the report a woman was out walking her dog when a car pulled up and the man inside asked her a question. When the alleged victim approached the car the man inside grabbed her by the arm. Greer was a two year starter and senior at Central Michigan.

 July 20th
Former Mississippi State defensive back Justin Cox was arrested for domestic violence. On the following day the Kansas City Chiefs dropped the rookie from their squad.   Cox was suspended from the MSU Bulldogs team last November when he was arrested on similar charges and missed the team's final three games.

In April former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murder. Hernandez will face trial again for a 2012 double murder.

Crittendon was seeking revenge against a man he claimed robbed him and accidentally killed the young mother of four in a botched drive-by shooting.

In March Darren Sharper pleaded guilty in Federal court as part of a plea agreement. Sharper was charged with distributing drugs with the intent to commit rape.
The five time Pro Bowl safety is said to have sexually assaulted women in four states. Having received nine years in Arizona he is likely to get additional prison time in California and Louisiana where he is accused of taking liberties with two women incapacitated by drugs given to them by Sharper. And the Cosby guy gets all the press!

Trent Mays, of Steubenville Ohio rape fame  shame, has been admitted to and will play football at Hocking College.
Trent Mays in foreground
Mays, according to The Columbus Dispatch, served two years in juvenile and upon his release graduated from Indian Creek High School with honors. Mays will not be allowed to reside on campus per school policy.

Ray Rice
These media wizards know that most people won't look beyond the first paragraph, much less do their own research, to discover that this isn't a women's group calling for Ray Rice's return to the NFL. A Call To Men is a non-profit founded by Ted Bunch and Tony Porter.
Ted Bunch
Tony Porter
Make of that what you will, I think that most people when reading the legion of headlines blaring that a group advocating the end of violence against women is calling for the NFL to give Rice a second chance think that group is comprised of women. Excuse me if I seem a bit skeptical but if this pair really wants to help end the violence of athletes against women I suggest they hold a seminar at Florida State University. At any rate the headlines they're getting today should make for a great round of donations.

In composing this post I Googled 'player arrested' and 'player guilty.'  I've read some commentators, notably Billy Hawkins, who have blamed the violence of the sports for the violence outside the arena. When I Googled those terms conspicuously absent were stories involving hockey players. The UFC on Ice aka the NHL is about as violent a sport as I've seen and yet the incidents of violence outside the arena is rare. 
Ray Lewis
If you've forgotten or were never aware of Ray Lewis' involvement in the 2000 slaying of two men in Atlanta check out this 2013 story that appeared in USA Today. And you thought there were questions in the Sandra Bland case. Ray Lewis is an ESPN commentator now and Aaron Hernandez will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

Lakeland Florida police say they found more than 100 inappropriate texts between Alecia Dotson, a forty-five year old teaching assistant, and a eleven year old fifth grader student. That according to a News 10 story.
Dotson in this story refers to the young boy as Love Bug in her texts. Is that supper creepy or what? Of course, this whole thing came to light when the boy's mother discovered the texts on her young son's phone.

When the mama pajama rolled out a bed
She ran to the police station
When the papa found out he began to shout
And he started the investigation
It's against the law
It was against the law
What the mama saw
It was against the law

Well, I had to throw in the Paul Simon just to satisfy Deadmessenger. I can't begin to describe what this boy's mother thought or felt at the time of discovery other than to envision her as mama pajama.

Did Alecia not get the memo? Utah's teacher with benefits, Brianne Altice got thirty  years. Internationally known felon and boy buggerer, Jennifer Fichter got 22 years.   
Wait! Groups from around the world are rallying to the support of a convicted pedophile? Yikes. Okay, but the word is out judges are now getting tough with women offenders despite Tucker Carlson's opinion. Forty-five year old women don't need to be messing with eleven year old boys, ever. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Comic-Con, Cosplay and Film Buzz

With the new Star Wars film set to open in December Harrison Ford has put in an appearance at San Diego Comic Con and that has to be a high point. Peter Mayhew's Chewy returns and will share some of the high altitude air with co star Gwendoline Christie. The GoT veteran actress is a foot shorter at 6'3".
Slave Leia is a geek fetish icon
Also at Comic-Con Warner Bros. released the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and it left me as cold as the Fortress of Solitude. According to the Man of Steel wiki page after all expenses were calculated the film made a profit of 42 million. That is almost nothing. Add to that BVSDOJ is taking forever to come to theaters and it's starting to look like it may not do very well. I'm much more excited with the news that Benedict Cumberbatch will be Doctor Strange. 
Make no mistake, DC rules TV with its young romance superhero soaps but its heroes are locked into the dark gritty Nolan vision on the big screen.
There is hope. The Suicide Squad panel, according to all reports, was a smash hit. A trailer was shown and has since disappeared from the internet. Harley, I've heard, stole the show. 
And so I'll leave you with a PowerGirl cosplay because until PowerGirl shows up it's not a convention.

Violence Against Women

The focus of the national media is a continuing mystery. Making excuses for a Florida State football player who is seen on video viciously punching a female student, reprehensible. But ESPN and other media outlets are in a habit of doing PR for violent athletes. Check out this story from ESPN heralding the return of Joe Mixon to the Oklahoma roster. Like Johnson at FSU, Mixon was caught on video punching out a young white woman. Unlike Johnson's situation, a judge kept the Mixon video under wraps.

Why should any young woman have to share a campus with known woman beaters? I'm not talking about the looney tunes accusations of a mattress toting Emma Sulkowicz. When a young feminist activist, Grace Mann, was murdered by her roomate her Feminists United group sued the school. Notably, her accused killer is white. And so protests and rallies followed.

Meanwhile at Natalie Pierre's headline blares: De'Andre Johnson punched woman in face after she yelled racial remarks at QB, lawyer says. Apparently Natalie, who pretends to be a journalist, believes so strongly that a man who viciously beats a woman is a pillar of honesty that she led with his empty claim. But over and over blacks are seen making this claim after their violent attacks. Like that video? Notice that once again we have a sucker punch type attack. And once again the attacker claims racial slurs were used. Big surprise, huh? God forbid if someone ever bothered to talk to the victims of these attacks.

Then there was the attack by a manager of Panera Bread on a much smaller female employee. It's obvious that there is a problem but until the excuse making stops there's little hope the violence against women will end.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In The Noose

The Greeks continue their slow dance with the devil. I'm going to part ways with the liberal commentators who are obligated to lay the blame for the Greek debt crisis at the feet of the Germans or anyone else. The Greeks would have had this problem regardless of their membership in the Euro Monetary Zone. And the same goes for the other Euro members who are facing similar problems.

Seven or eight years ago a friend of mine went to Greece and he loathed it. His wife had fallen for the romantic brochures and thus he had to go. He remarked that the public facilities were in a revolting state of uncleanliness and that service at hotels and restaurants was poor and sometimes unfriendly. Tourism is almost the only industry they have in Greece outside government employment and in the competitive travel industry it seems the Greeks count only on their rich history to attract tourist's money.

Now as through out this sordid affair, the Greeks only seem interested in stalling for more time. This hasn't been about repayment of their debt for quite a while. It has become about the Greeks securing more money. Yes, there is talk about debt forgiveness but the Greeks have sometime ago decided that they weren't going to repay their debt. For European leaders this is about the integrity of the monetary zone. How far will they go to prevent an exit?

Also, there is the talk of the European Central Bank being able to stave off a contagion effect. But the real contagion here is ideas. If Spain or Italy get the idea that the ECB and other lenders are willing to write off their debt there will be an ongoing crisis that may spell the end of the European Integration Project.

The arrests of Vondell Henry and Ashley Friske were the culmination of an investigation which began when a woman contacted a friend on social media saying that she was being held against her will. With its incredible murder rate and stories like this one Chicagoland hardly seems a Democrat success story. I'm only using one story to bring attention to the larger, nastier truth. Chicago: A National Hub for Human Trafficking.
The living shame which is the FSU football program continues. De'Andre "The Thug" Johnson was dismissed this week by head coach Jimbo Fisher after a video turned up showing the lying thug punching out a young white woman at a bar. The short clip might have left some questions in the minds of those who saw it and shortly after Johnson was dismissed came the accusation that somehow the girl started the whole thing. Lawyers claimed the lady used racial epithets and that Johnson had tried to calm the situation. Now a full clip of the entire encounter has been released and it will be hard to persuade anyone that the woman incited this encounter. The clip shows the woman patiently waiting to get to the bar for a couple of minutes. When the victim is finally able to get to the bar you can see her violently jostled from behind by her assailant. She turns and says something to him while she is pinned to the bar. Then her grabs her and turns her. The small woman resists and the Florida State quarterback nails her with a savage punch.

It should be no surprise that Thug TV aka ESPN is only telling one side of the story and trying to excuse the inexcusable actions of this glorified coward. And where is the outrage from the campus feminists over this atrocious attack? Move along people there's nothing to see here.

According to several news sources, heroin use has quadrupled in the US. And according to USA Today and other sources heroin use among women has doubled in the last decade.  Jill Blau's father told reporters she had recently had stomach surgery and needed the pain killers she was in possession of at the time of the crash. Of course, she was cited for illegally having those pills and this is pretty typical of what is going on now. The DEA has made prescribing pain meds a headache for doctors so more and more people are turning to heroin. It makes you wonder if the DEA is making things better or worse.

In The Noose

A Florida preschool teacher has admitted her guilt in a major pot smuggling scheme.

Tarakiki Dozier, according to our Sun Sentinel story, was removed from the classroom after her May arrest and placed in a position where she wouldn't have contact with children.
"Dozier is the daughter of the Rev. O'Neal Dozier, the controversial political activist and leader of Pompano Beach's Worldwide Christian Center." - Sun Sentinel
So Ms. Dozier gets popped importing over 600 lbs of weed and the school district doesn't fire her. WTF. Ok, alright ... Tarakiki faces a possible sentence of 5 - 40 years but prosecutors say her sentence could be much less if she meets certain conditions. One of those conditions is that she not have a significant criminal history.

So I'm reading the story and get down to that last little bit and I look back up at the picture above in the Sun Sentinel, the caption indicates that it is from an arrest in 2006. I had to laugh realizing she'll walk with probation.
Ashley Miller, 18, is back in jail after violating the terms of her probation. Miller admitted that she had allowed a dog to perform oral sex on her at least forty times. EWWWW!  Police found photos of the young woman and her four legged lover on her phone. Maybe she identifies as trans-species, you never know.
"Police said the dog showed no signs of injury and was taken to a veterinarian for an exam." - The Miami Herald
Baltimore police have arrested a third suspect in the savage rape and murder of sixteen year old Arnesha Bowers. All three suspects were members of the Bloods gang and the horrific crime appears to have been an initiation ritual. The latest suspect was just fourteen years old.
Harold N. Faust jr. has been arrested on a slew of sex related offenses in Tallahassee, including the forcible rape of two 14 year old girls who were in the home where he was residing at the time of the alleged crimes. Faust is a registered sex offender.

Read more here:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Greece Slow Dancing With The Devil

In the midst of its financial crisis  many Greeks are still in denial about the how and why, it's amazing to watch. At the same time it's easy to understand if you follow politics at all in this country. Any warning by conservatives in this country about entitlement spending and an expanding government are routinely dismissed in the mainstream socialist media as political rhetoric and that is all the low information Gimme Gimme crowd needs to hear.
The Greeks are slowly learning that you must give the Devil his due. Free markets work but socialists who specialize in hand outs to acquire power have been gaming the system for a long time. Understand that when you hear that the FED is maintaining artificially low interest rates that this is not free market, it is gaming the system. Our time will come.
Now Greek premier Tsipras is desperately maneuvering to maintain his own power. Tsipras' game of chicken with Greece's lenders and the rest of Europe has failed. His party's goal now will be to convince the Greeks that there is an acceptable way out of this mess while his political allies stall for time and work on plan B.
As my brother has posited on his blog the future is unknowable and anything may happen. While I agree with his premise I believe we can make some assumptions based upon Mr. Tsipras' past performance and it would be prudent for Euro leaders to begin making plans for these outcomes.

Tsipras' left wing Syriza government has convinced the people of Greece that European lenders have treated them unfairly. At the same time this government adopted a position with its creditors that it knew would be rejected. Tsipras did this in such an arrogant way it is difficult to believe he ever wanted to avoid default.

Given Tsipras' past track record and the current situation the Greeks could be looking at a Chavez style dictator. His rule would have the trappings of elections and democracy. His noisy socialist followers would stage rallies and protest against any sort of sanity but with the help of a compliant media Tsipras will become a dictator. The stage is too well set and Putin is waiting in the wings.