Saturday, July 11, 2015

Comic-Con, Cosplay and Film Buzz

With the new Star Wars film set to open in December Harrison Ford has put in an appearance at San Diego Comic Con and that has to be a high point. Peter Mayhew's Chewy returns and will share some of the high altitude air with co star Gwendoline Christie. The GoT veteran actress is a foot shorter at 6'3".
Slave Leia is a geek fetish icon
Also at Comic-Con Warner Bros. released the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and it left me as cold as the Fortress of Solitude. According to the Man of Steel wiki page after all expenses were calculated the film made a profit of 42 million. That is almost nothing. Add to that BVSDOJ is taking forever to come to theaters and it's starting to look like it may not do very well. I'm much more excited with the news that Benedict Cumberbatch will be Doctor Strange. 
Make no mistake, DC rules TV with its young romance superhero soaps but its heroes are locked into the dark gritty Nolan vision on the big screen.
There is hope. The Suicide Squad panel, according to all reports, was a smash hit. A trailer was shown and has since disappeared from the internet. Harley, I've heard, stole the show. 
And so I'll leave you with a PowerGirl cosplay because until PowerGirl shows up it's not a convention.

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