Monday, July 27, 2015

Culture of Violence

In my earlier post Violence Against Women I detailed some of the reporting that swirled around the video of FSU quarterback De'Andre Johnson punching a female student in a bar. The gist of which was outlets like ESPN making excuses for the brutal attack. Head coach Jimbo Fisher dismissed Johnson from the team after the video went viral. 

The night before, allegedly, a group of FSU players converged on a pair of women as they prepared to leave a bar at closing time.
​​"They kept telling me they were football players," the woman told ESPN. "They kept telling me to Google them. They told me they were football players and they could buy me in two years."
Dalvin Cook
The confrontation had become heated when the woman refused to give up her phone number, telling the men that she had a boyfriend. The woman, who is not a student at FSU, was reportedly punched several times in the face. The victim later identified star running back Dalvin Cook. Fisher has suspended Cook indefinitely. The two assaults occurred June twenty-third and twenty-fourth.

July third, a Tennessee Titans' wide receiver is arrested for his part in what most media outlets have described as a big brawl. Justin Hunter was arrested for felonious assault. A quick look at media reports might lead you to think that there was this big fight at a Virginia Beach bar and Hunter just happened to get involved.
"Prosecutor Wendy Alexander said Hunter started the fight when he interrupted a conversation between a man and someone else. After they spoke, Hunter punched the man in the face twice, she said, inciting a fight between multiple people." - Sporting News
I'm guessing someone else was a lady person. Just a guess. So one might extrapolate that a young man is having a drink with a lady friend when Hunter, who is so special, decides to disregard any sort of manners or etiquette and hit on this woman. He's so special!!!
"After leaving the bar, Hunter allegedly approached the man who he originally attacked, who was coughing up blood on the sidewalk. Alexander said Hunter then tapped the victim's shoulder and "sucker punched" him."
What a Hero!!! 

July fourth, Andrew Quarless of the Green Bay Packers is arrested for discharging a firearm in public.  According to a Miami parking lot attendant he saw 2 men get out of a black Porshe and approach a vehicle with several women inside. The encounter grew contentious and the attendant said that is when he saw Quarless walk over to the vehicle with a pistol which he fired into the air.
"Another witness told police Quarless "discharged his firearm in an apparent attempt to emphasize his dominance and manhood," according to the police report." - NBC South Florida
July 5th
In Colquitt county Georgia a robbery goes bad and seventeen year old Tykerious Jones, a junior running back, is later arrested along with six other youths.  Jones has confessed to his part in the robbery which led to the murder of sixty-eight year old John Hester. Two of the other six that were arrested played on Colquitt's championship team the previous year.
 July 9th
“I fought the guy off and ran with our dog to the apartment. I am safe, but another child or adult may not be so lucky," the alleged victim wrote. 
Police later arrested Central Michigan defensive back Brandon Greer for attempted kidnapping. According to the report a woman was out walking her dog when a car pulled up and the man inside asked her a question. When the alleged victim approached the car the man inside grabbed her by the arm. Greer was a two year starter and senior at Central Michigan.

 July 20th
Former Mississippi State defensive back Justin Cox was arrested for domestic violence. On the following day the Kansas City Chiefs dropped the rookie from their squad.   Cox was suspended from the MSU Bulldogs team last November when he was arrested on similar charges and missed the team's final three games.

In April former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murder. Hernandez will face trial again for a 2012 double murder.

Crittendon was seeking revenge against a man he claimed robbed him and accidentally killed the young mother of four in a botched drive-by shooting.

In March Darren Sharper pleaded guilty in Federal court as part of a plea agreement. Sharper was charged with distributing drugs with the intent to commit rape.
The five time Pro Bowl safety is said to have sexually assaulted women in four states. Having received nine years in Arizona he is likely to get additional prison time in California and Louisiana where he is accused of taking liberties with two women incapacitated by drugs given to them by Sharper. And the Cosby guy gets all the press!

Trent Mays, of Steubenville Ohio rape fame  shame, has been admitted to and will play football at Hocking College.
Trent Mays in foreground
Mays, according to The Columbus Dispatch, served two years in juvenile and upon his release graduated from Indian Creek High School with honors. Mays will not be allowed to reside on campus per school policy.

Ray Rice
These media wizards know that most people won't look beyond the first paragraph, much less do their own research, to discover that this isn't a women's group calling for Ray Rice's return to the NFL. A Call To Men is a non-profit founded by Ted Bunch and Tony Porter.
Ted Bunch
Tony Porter
Make of that what you will, I think that most people when reading the legion of headlines blaring that a group advocating the end of violence against women is calling for the NFL to give Rice a second chance think that group is comprised of women. Excuse me if I seem a bit skeptical but if this pair really wants to help end the violence of athletes against women I suggest they hold a seminar at Florida State University. At any rate the headlines they're getting today should make for a great round of donations.

In composing this post I Googled 'player arrested' and 'player guilty.'  I've read some commentators, notably Billy Hawkins, who have blamed the violence of the sports for the violence outside the arena. When I Googled those terms conspicuously absent were stories involving hockey players. The UFC on Ice aka the NHL is about as violent a sport as I've seen and yet the incidents of violence outside the arena is rare. 
Ray Lewis
If you've forgotten or were never aware of Ray Lewis' involvement in the 2000 slaying of two men in Atlanta check out this 2013 story that appeared in USA Today. And you thought there were questions in the Sandra Bland case. Ray Lewis is an ESPN commentator now and Aaron Hernandez will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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