Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In The Noose

The Greeks continue their slow dance with the devil. I'm going to part ways with the liberal commentators who are obligated to lay the blame for the Greek debt crisis at the feet of the Germans or anyone else. The Greeks would have had this problem regardless of their membership in the Euro Monetary Zone. And the same goes for the other Euro members who are facing similar problems.

Seven or eight years ago a friend of mine went to Greece and he loathed it. His wife had fallen for the romantic brochures and thus he had to go. He remarked that the public facilities were in a revolting state of uncleanliness and that service at hotels and restaurants was poor and sometimes unfriendly. Tourism is almost the only industry they have in Greece outside government employment and in the competitive travel industry it seems the Greeks count only on their rich history to attract tourist's money.

Now as through out this sordid affair, the Greeks only seem interested in stalling for more time. This hasn't been about repayment of their debt for quite a while. It has become about the Greeks securing more money. Yes, there is talk about debt forgiveness but the Greeks have sometime ago decided that they weren't going to repay their debt. For European leaders this is about the integrity of the monetary zone. How far will they go to prevent an exit?

Also, there is the talk of the European Central Bank being able to stave off a contagion effect. But the real contagion here is ideas. If Spain or Italy get the idea that the ECB and other lenders are willing to write off their debt there will be an ongoing crisis that may spell the end of the European Integration Project.

The arrests of Vondell Henry and Ashley Friske were the culmination of an investigation which began when a woman contacted a friend on social media saying that she was being held against her will. With its incredible murder rate and stories like this one Chicagoland hardly seems a Democrat success story. I'm only using one story to bring attention to the larger, nastier truth. Chicago: A National Hub for Human Trafficking.
The living shame which is the FSU football program continues. De'Andre "The Thug" Johnson was dismissed this week by head coach Jimbo Fisher after a video turned up showing the lying thug punching out a young white woman at a bar. The short clip might have left some questions in the minds of those who saw it and shortly after Johnson was dismissed came the accusation that somehow the girl started the whole thing. Lawyers claimed the lady used racial epithets and that Johnson had tried to calm the situation. Now a full clip of the entire encounter has been released and it will be hard to persuade anyone that the woman incited this encounter. The clip shows the woman patiently waiting to get to the bar for a couple of minutes. When the victim is finally able to get to the bar you can see her violently jostled from behind by her assailant. She turns and says something to him while she is pinned to the bar. Then her grabs her and turns her. The small woman resists and the Florida State quarterback nails her with a savage punch.

It should be no surprise that Thug TV aka ESPN is only telling one side of the story and trying to excuse the inexcusable actions of this glorified coward. And where is the outrage from the campus feminists over this atrocious attack? Move along people there's nothing to see here.

According to several news sources, heroin use has quadrupled in the US. And according to USA Today and other sources heroin use among women has doubled in the last decade.  Jill Blau's father told reporters she had recently had stomach surgery and needed the pain killers she was in possession of at the time of the crash. Of course, she was cited for illegally having those pills and this is pretty typical of what is going on now. The DEA has made prescribing pain meds a headache for doctors so more and more people are turning to heroin. It makes you wonder if the DEA is making things better or worse.

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