Saturday, July 11, 2015

Violence Against Women

The focus of the national media is a continuing mystery. Making excuses for a Florida State football player who is seen on video viciously punching a female student, reprehensible. But ESPN and other media outlets are in a habit of doing PR for violent athletes. Check out this story from ESPN heralding the return of Joe Mixon to the Oklahoma roster. Like Johnson at FSU, Mixon was caught on video punching out a young white woman. Unlike Johnson's situation, a judge kept the Mixon video under wraps.

Why should any young woman have to share a campus with known woman beaters? I'm not talking about the looney tunes accusations of a mattress toting Emma Sulkowicz. When a young feminist activist, Grace Mann, was murdered by her roomate her Feminists United group sued the school. Notably, her accused killer is white. And so protests and rallies followed.

Meanwhile at Natalie Pierre's headline blares: De'Andre Johnson punched woman in face after she yelled racial remarks at QB, lawyer says. Apparently Natalie, who pretends to be a journalist, believes so strongly that a man who viciously beats a woman is a pillar of honesty that she led with his empty claim. But over and over blacks are seen making this claim after their violent attacks. Like that video? Notice that once again we have a sucker punch type attack. And once again the attacker claims racial slurs were used. Big surprise, huh? God forbid if someone ever bothered to talk to the victims of these attacks.

Then there was the attack by a manager of Panera Bread on a much smaller female employee. It's obvious that there is a problem but until the excuse making stops there's little hope the violence against women will end.

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