Monday, August 10, 2015

Ferguson: The Urban Terror Continues

While press coverage of the Ferguson protests continues to defame law enforcement the St. Louis murder rate has weeks ago topped the century mark on its way, no doubt, to a new record. Not that anyone seems to care.

Police said Sunday's gunfire began with two groups of agitators apparently shooting at each other before one gunman darted across a parking lot and was confronted by four officers who pulled up in an unmarked vehicle. From that article in Reuters we then learn that during a foot pursuit the alleged gunman fires upon officers before he is himself shot. 

Further down in the story you get the propaganda spin. This is how the media creates the chaos which is consuming our cities. In a telephone interview the suspect's father says his son didn't have a gun. Was Tyrone Harris' father at the demonstration? You would think if he had been the story would say so. Harris' father also claims his son was running for his life but did he see this for himself? The story doesn't say. 

Reuters says that court records show that a man with the same name, birth date and address was arrested last November for auto theft, theft of a firearm and resisting arrest. Tyrone Harris, Jr it seems was no angel but the article wastes no time in getting back to its narrative of bad cops. This time quoting someone who, I think it's safe to assume, isn't an expert on police proceedure.
""It was a poor decision to use plain clothes officers in a protest setting because it made it difficult for people to identify police officers, which is essential to the safety of community members,” said Kayla Reed, a field organizer with the Organization of Black Struggle."
Well, let's talk about poor judgement. Why are we holding these protests at night Kayla? Huh? Resisting arrest, poor judgement Kayla?

Meanwhile Baltimore has recorded it's 200th murder. They had 42 in May and 45 in July. Murder rates are also up in Chicago, Milwaukee and Houston. Hundreds of murders the media is just too busy to talk about. Hundreds of lives that don't matter to Kayla Reed because she has a crusade to lead and prominence to gain as a community organizer.

As law enforcement officers around the nation face down an epic wave of violence in our cities the media has turned on them giving plausibility to the most spurious of claims. Resisting arrest has become a thing.

It's like a broken record 'It started off as a peaceful protest.' These psuedo-journalists are running out of ink trying to breath some originality into a story that might well begin ' a angry mob of about 100 gathered outside the courthouse last night.' Breaking the law for justice. Yeah, let's talk about poor judgement.

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