Friday, August 14, 2015

Ferguson's Immoral Monday

If Pro-Life protesters blocked access to a Planned Parenthood facility they would be violating the rights of women who wished to use that clinic. That's simply the law. When #OnlyBlackLivesMatter protesters blocked I-70 in St. Louis it was a criminal act. Let me be crystal clear, it was a premeditated and coordinated criminal act. And they called it Moral Monday.
According to the St. Louis Post - Dispatch Tempteton and Ferrell (Pictured above) assaulted a woman through the open window of her SUV as the woman tried to negotiate the illegal protest on I-70. Mob violence or protest, you decide.

Big H/T to Gateway Pundit who has more on this. These two women have a local radio show. Federal authorities should look into whether the radio show was used to facilitate this illegal protest which resulted in the violent assault of a citizen. If there is any indication that the radio station was used to organize this event,  then the FCC should immediately suspend the licence of the broadcaster to protect the safety of area citizens. This is a very serious matter. The FBI is charged with protecting the public from threats to their safety and if a federally licenced broadcaster is using their facility to enable illegal activity which endangers the safety of the public they are obligated to investigate.

Unfortunately, we the people are being ruled over by an extremist administration. Loretta Lynch is nothing more than an Obama lackey and as such has no concern for the general safety of the nation's citizens. Therefore the hashtag Only Black Lives Matter. By not enforcing the law, in many many areas, the current administration has become a criminal enterprise.

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