Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Wages of Tolerance

It should be clear to see in the media coverage after the bombing in Brussels that little has changed.  There's just enough anger there to make the public think their leaders care about them.  There's just enough lip service paid to security to make the native Europeans think that their leaders will do something now. But it is all a lullaby and nothing more.
Patrol in Brussels -
Where do these terrorists come from? They come from the communities that they have established both here and in Europe. The media happily confers refugee status onto the muslim invaders who are overwhelming Europe's ability to accommodate them. And once the jihadists are here we give them rights and refuse to profile.

Really? Yep, in the name of public safety we often find a reason to suborn individual rights and freedoms. It's why we have seat belt laws. That's just one example of the myriad of laws which go against The Constitution and its principles of freedom. Yet the media has given profiling such a bad name that public safety will never trump the rights of any group which has been assigned victim status like refugee.

So let me give you the MSM playbook on terrorism. Blame security lapses not political leaders or their policies. Feature stories of survival and individual heroism. Draw the public's focus away from the pervasive homicidal ideology and treat it as a crime. It's okay to occasionally talk about the way muslims treat women but there will be no awareness campaigns on this subject.

Has the western world become so tolerant as to accept terrorist attacks as common place? Well, before I pack up this laptop for the pawnshop, let me give you my take on what we call tolerance today.

In 1930 German novelist Thomas Mann gave a public address to the German people against National Socialism entitled "An Appeal To Reason." In one of his novels you will find the following quote:

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil."

And that's just about where I stand on the subject. If someone on the other side of my border claims that among them are innocent women and children who may die if I do not let them in then my response would be that there are innocent women and children on my side of the border who may die if I let them in. If the safety of the citizens within the borders is not paramount to the nation's leaders then the nation needs new leaders.

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