Friday, October 31, 2014

They Shoot Crazy Bitches, Don't They?

"Robert Collins saw the naked woman first."  Good job Robert.  "She was just strolling down the road, like she didn't have a care in the world," Eylward said.

It was late October 2012 in central Florida when Marie (as she was known ) showed up nude at a small gathering of current and retired law enforcement officers.  She dangled a large silver cross above her head and muttered something about the antichrist before she disappeared into the woods across the street.

Just as a little note, I have to check up on stories like this to make sure that one of the ex's hasn't gotten herself into a scrape.  I have a slew of these in my files and in time you'll probably see a few of them.  Anyway...

Marie Swanson, 42, was shot dead less then an hour later when she returned, still nude, with a weapon.

My trade takes me all over the country and I have to tell you, I've seen Marie.  It was late one night on a lonely Florida road.  At first, I saw her from behind.  I slowed down wondering if the woman needed help.  She turned and in the headlights I could see her wounds.  Her eyes were cold and empty.  I grabbed a gear and never looked back.  Afterwards I did some research to see if there was anything that might explain what I had seen that night.  When I came upon this story it all fit.

Happy Halloween, y'all
*illustration Harry Bennett

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Curl up with Ghost Story for Halloween

If Halloween finds you looking for something you can watch at home, Ghost Story just may be your ticket.  This well made film about college buddies with a dark secret features a cast of Hollywood legends.  John Houseman, Melvyn Douglas, Fred Astaire and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. head up the 1981 film's cast and you won't be disappointed.

The film also featured, a newcomer to the American screen, Alice Krige in all her full bushed glory.  Can you say naked crazy woman?  The nudity seems fine at first but later it's meant to put the viewer on edge as it's somewhat disconcerting.  Add to that the ghostly quality of her dialogue and you'll be hugging that pillow a bit tighter.

Krige has a wealth of work so I thought I might throw in a picture of what is perhaps her most famous love scene.
Krige most endeared herself to Star Trek fans by reprising the Borg Queen in the last episode of Voyager.  Her haunting voice just can't be duplicated.  Anyway, if you watch Ghost Story carefully you may see another Star Trek connection.
Robin Curtis

Ghost Story is a great old film.  If you saw it back in the day it's definitely worth watching again.  If your a bit younger and you are a fan of classic film you don't want to miss this one.  Pass the popcorn, please.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Until Death ...

"Carol Coronado was naked and holding a knife when sheriff’s deputies entered the residence, investigators said at the time." 
Carol Coronado
Frankly, my crazy bitch alarm would have exploded.  Coronado was indicted last month for the May murders of her three children.  Days after the initial reports I heard post partum.  Let's hope the jury doesn't buy that.  The only thing I see missing from this story is a man responsible for her actions.  Of course if there was a man the media could readily blame perhaps this story would have gotten as much coverage from CNN et al as the white man who left his child in a car to die.
Forty percent of the women incarcerated in America's prisons admit they were doing drugs when they committed their crimes.  I'm just saying ...

Death Race 2000

Judy Kirby wants a new trial.  On March 25th, 2000 Kirby began acting crazy.  With four children in her vehicle Judy Kirby sped down a highway the wrong way.  Witnesses say she made no effort to dodge the oncoming traffic or get turned around.  When the crazy bitch's car collided with a van driven by Thomas Reel it was described as a "spectacular explosion."  Reel and two of his children are killed as well as the four children riding with Kirby.

Judy, family members said, had been suffering with depression.  She had checked into a place for treatment recently but left early.  Her attorney claimed Kirby's erratic behavior was caused by an undiagnosed thyroid disorder (WTF?) a claim refuted by a prosecution medical expert.  Her ex-husband said that she was distressed by a failing relationship with his brother. ( Really?) Another family member testified she was worried about being busted for drug distribution. Bingo!

When Elliot Rodger killed six people in Isla Vista the Main Stream Propaganda Machine went into overdrive to make sure that you knew he was a woman hating misogynist and that guns are bad.  It's all about the narrative.

Folks, you better lock and load.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Naked Ladies of Texas

Police were called by people who witnessed a woman strip naked. The woman then got into her car and drove away.  Is there any thing that could get a cop car moving faster? Muggers, thieves and other criminal types might elude the boys in blue but naked women never.  When officers pulled the woman over she was indeed nude and drunk.  Her three year old son was riding on her lap.

Okay gang can we agree that alcohol maybe the least of this woman's problems?

But there's more!

Naked woman in tree gets meth dealer arrested.  Maybe it's just me but that headline caught my attention.  Neighbors called to report a naked woman running around knocking on doors.  I wonder what the response time was on that call?  Police arrive to find the woman in a tree. When they ask her what she's doing, she says she's looking for her meth dealer.
Okay, sit back and let's think about this.  She's running around naked knocking on doors looking for her meth dealer.  Can you see this in your head?  Meth does this?  So your a cop and there's a naked meth whore up a tree, you have to look up there, right?
As if things couldn't get weirder as they're dealing with this woman they get another report of a naked person in the neighborhood.  It's the woman's boyfriend.  Police convince the couple to text the dealer, he shows up and is promptly arrested.  The naked drug seekers were released for their cooperation.  What?
Shouldn't these people have been evaluated for their bizarre behavior?  They could hurt themselves for crying out loud.
Better lock and load folks, it's a brave new world.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Follies

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

As BCAM winds down it has occurred to me to do my part in raising awareness for this very serious disease.  My very first blog and I want to make it count for something.  In all honesty, I love breasts. Who doesn't? In fact, as I contemplated creating my first blog I considered naming it, "The Udder McCain."  Unfortunately, I had to abandon the idea when my brother Robert Stacy McCain threatened me with a copyright infringement suit.

No Bra Day

 "Breast cancer survivors and supporters on Twitter and Facebook are encouraging women not to wear a bra for a day to raise awareness and support breast cancer survivors."
Now, why didn't I think of this.  There's nothing like a little nippage to get my attention!  It's all for a great cause and what's wrong with having a little fun with it?

 Suzanne Somers
But Sarah Michelle Gellar apparently doesn't feel the same way. The B cupped C list-er Tweeted her opinion that she thought it did more to raise awareness of #creepymen than it did breast cancer.  Talk about a fucking #buzzkill!  Perhaps at 37, with no real career, SMG is feeling a bit bitter. Or maybe it's that without the pushup, poke out technology of modern bras no one would ever notice she had a pair. Unlike, of course, the all natural Ms. Somers.

On The Way Out

No bra day might not be your thing but should you forego the booby bondage for a day hang a pink BCAM ribbon by that puppy and I'm sure your admirers will get the message.  Till next time, don't neglect your health. 

And remember the five most famous words in blogging:
Send Me Your Topless Selfies!

Inspire me, it's BCAM.