Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Fall of Andrew McCabe

On Friday the DOJ Office Of Inspector General issued a report that formed the basis of a recommendation for the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  There is a DOJ and FBI policy which allows top officials to speak to members of the press if it is in the public interest.  Days before the 2016 election McCabe confirmed to the press the existence of a FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation.  This particular leak became a hot topic for DOJ officials and members of congress.

The Deputy Director disclosed details of an August 26th conference call with AG Loretta Lynch and top agents in the NYC field office.  Lynch warned agents against any overt actions in the lead up to the Presidential election.  In McCabe's account of this call he claims to have pushed back against the AG to defend the authority of the agents involved in the investigation.  McCabe's disclosure followed a story that questioned his impartiality in an investigation of the Clinton Foundation.  This is the self serving aspect of which the OIG's report speaks.

McCabe's impartiality became questionable after it was learned that Jill McCabe's run for a Virginia Senate seat had received large donations from a PAC affiliated with then governor Terry McAuliffe, a gold star member of the Clinton inner circle.

Is it just me or does amounts totaling nearly three quarters of a million for a state senate seat seem fair game for speculation?  McCabe's wife, Jill, was unlikely to win in this district.  And given the close nature of the Virginia legislature I can be persuaded that McAuliffe may having been trying to buy a seat here.  But I can also see where this might have gone a long way in buying favor with a top law enforcement official.  And there's a word for that.  On the surface there is nothing illegal with the money donated to Jill McCabe's campaign.

Lying to the FBI is illegal.  And while this has not been proven in court the OIG found that McCabe misled Director Comey and denied having made the leak to investigators under oath.  

The certainty of a Clinton victory serves as context to the actions of both Comey and McCabe.  Both of these gentlemen appear to have been setting the stage to defend FBI investigations into the various Clinton scandals.  What sort of overt actions was Loretta Lynch concerned about?  The pursuit of Trump associates using gestapo like tactics stands in stark contrast to the fairy tale of any Clinton investigation.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Mueller Inquisition

The Mueller Inquisition

The ongoing deep-state crusade to undo the 2016 election continued on Monday.  At the behest of Robert Mueller the FBI raided the offices of President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.  Never in the history of the United States has there been such a naked power grab by a political party.  In raiding Cohen's offices the FBI has removed it's mask of impartiality. 

After weeks of over the top media attention to the allegations made by a porn actress the FBI came through.  The stage had been set.  The FBI could assist Mueller in going after The President's long time personal attorney, they had been provided cover.  In the minds of many their actions would seemed justified.  There had been an objective to the Stormy Daniels narrative.

Robert Mueller took over as FBI Director one week before the 9/11 attacks in 2001. His ten year term was extended by President Obama making Mueller the second longest serving Director in history. His term covered the entirety of Secretary Clinton's time at the State Department.  A time when Clinton has admitted running an illegal email server that was ultimately destroyed.

The problem with any real investigation of Clinton's illegal server is that it would have implicated President Obama.  In this instance the liberal media and Democrats rationale is that the sanctity of the Office of the President must be preserved.  The handling of Clinton's email server and the classified information that was put at risk is a stark contrast to the slew of subpoenas, raids and indictments being carried out by Mueller.

After two decades of American citizens having access to the Internet and thus an alternative to the propaganda machine that had masqueraded as various news organizations, We The People had awakened and defiantly elected Donald Trump.

It is not President Trump who is damaging the reputation of the FBI.  The FBI is doing that all by itself.  Any illusion that Robert Mueller is investigating Russian collusion has long since faded.  Life long Republican Robert Mueller, how many times have you heard that?  It is but a thin straw on which the liberal media and Democrats can hang the impartial tag upon.

James L. Quarles, serves as Mueller's second in command was also a special prosecutor in the Watergate investigation.  Those were heady days for the media and Hillary Clinton who served in a group advising the House Judiciary Committee on Watergate.  It certainly seems likely that the two met during that time.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who ostensibly oversees Mueller's crusade, gave his inquisitor broad authority in a recently revealed secret memo.  The letter appears to have been issued after Mueller's stormtroopers jumped the rails on a Russia investigation and raided the home of Paul Manafort an unpaid member of the Trump campaign.  So the Special Counsel tasked with probing Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign raids the home of a staffer that has nothing to do with  Russian collusion and then about a week later is given the authority for having done so.

If what we now know about the actions taken by Mueller against Manafort make you skeptical about the motives and methods of the Special Counsel it has to be taken in context with the indictment of Gen. Mike Flynn.  As Sara Carter reports there are some darkly troubling issues surrounding the case.  Flynn who had been tapped as National Security Adviser was interviewed by FBI agents without being told it was part of a criminal investigation. Former FBI Director Comey and the interviewing agent have both said that they did not believe Flynn had lied.  General Flynn stated to the court that his guilty plea was made to save his family from financial ruin.

Secret courts, secret memos and after the fact authority doesn't sound like the America I grew up believing in.  This sounds much more like the things you'd hear about a socialist state like Venezuela.