Thursday, April 30, 2015

If It Smells Like Crap and the President Steps In it, It Is Crap

Just like Ferguson it appears the President has once again stepped in it.  Online rumors abound suggesting that Freddy Gray may have had a spinal injury or spinal surgery prior to the encounter in which he died.  Other reports dispute those claims but it seems that the truth is once again the victim.

I'm really not surprised that a drug dealer would be a hero in Baltimore's black community. I'm also not surprised that the first black President is so sympathetic to drug dealers.
There's really no surprise in any of this.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore is kind of like my ex

I once said something which totally infuriated the ex.  After she completely exploded a friend went to her and said that I was just pushing her buttons.  When the same friend said something to me about it I pointed out that I was the one who had, in fact, installed those damn buttons.

The people who've installed the buttons on the black community are selling more papers than ever.  The Baltimore riots have been a big boost to failing cable news orgs like MSNBC and CNN.

The President said this has been building for decades and I agree.  Though I'm sure we'd disagree over just what has been building.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mommie Dearest

“She was laying out on the ground and she took her pants off and she was laying there with no pants on,” a neighbor said. “She was making these weird noises. She grabbed her son and stuck him up to her breast. She was just out of line.”
According to the story by WJAC when police arrived at the Johnstown, PA home Ashley Whisman's speech was slurred and her arms were covered in track marks.  Police say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia hidden in her 3 y.o.'s toys.  The toddler said he was very hungry. 

Almost unbelievably, the story is more horrific than the mug shot.  Last year the bodies of seven infants were discovered in Huntsman's former home.  Huntsman claims that she felt unable to care for more children due to her meth addiction so shortly after birth she killed them and placed their bodies in small boxes she then hid in her garage. Apparently this was easier than taking birth control or keeping her legs together.  Judge Darold McDade has no sympathy for the Utah mother and gave her a sentence of 30 to life.  Huntsman has three living children who should count themselves lucky to be alive.

After pumping some gas into the car Marilyn got behind the wheel and crashed into some bushes nearby.  Leah had a needle in her hand when paramedics arrived.  Leah's 2 year old daughter was in a car seat in back and more paraphernalia was found in the baby's diaper bag.  I'm sure a feminist somewhere can blame all of this on the patriarchy.

April Corcoran, 30, according to police dropped her 11 year old daughter off at the home of a 41 year old accused drug dealer in exchange for drugs.  Twice.  Corcoran and Shandell Willingham will hopefully spend the rest of their days in a cage.

Nicole said she found her daughter in a back bedroom: "There she was, my daughter, my friend's daughter, her nephew, another boy, and the child who lived in the home all there in bed together and that’s how we found out."
It's the cool mom thing.  Jessica Krugman is facing 17 counts of being a cool mom after hosting a series of wild sleepovers dating back to 2013.

Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, of Evans Georgia (think Augusta) had one hell of a night, allegedly I hasten to add.  According to reports Lehnardt began drinking when she separated from her husband, an Iraqi war vet.  Awww.
According to police earlier this month while the other four children were with their father Rachel and her 16 year old daughter threw a wild party during which Lehnardt allowed the children to smoke pot and drink alcohol.  After a round of naked Twister with the kids in the living room Rachel adjourned to the bathroom to play hide the sausage with an 18 year old. Still horny the 35 year old poonslinger gathered up her sex toys and gave a live demonstration to the wide eyed teens.  Later the fun continued with some naked hot tub fun. Then, she claims, she woke up with her daughter's 16 year old boyfriend doing the wild thang thinking it was the 18 year old from earlier in the evening. Whatever mom.

I saw that her daughter took to Twitter to defend her mom saying, everyone makes mistakes.  This sort of willful misconduct is hardly a mistake.  In our permissive and tolerant society you often find the worst of the worst quoting Jesus, Judge not lest ye be judged.  Funny how they run for the cover of the Bible, isn't it?  But the verse was not a prohibition, it is a warning that you would be judged by the same measure.  Jesus, I believe, was talking about the petty sort of judgments that we can make.  The sort of judgments that breed resentfulness.  He meant for us to get along not to ignore crime.

Friday, April 24, 2015

In The Noose: Week In Review

Jessica Dooley was let go by Concord Community Schools on Monday.
Dooley got caught up in the Indiana Religious Freedom Act hysteria and advocated violence against the owners of a pizza store that had been the target of South Bend media.  
Scientists have now imaged a new magma reservoir with a volume equivalent to Long Island.  Scientists had noticed that Yellowstone was emitting more CO2 than it should and so suspected the newly found magma chamber.  Researcher add that the super volcano, which last erupted about 70,000 years ago, isn't likely to erupt anytime soon.

Miller's return to the Dark Knight will be comic book gold.  Miller will co-write the 8 issue series which I assume will be a complete and separate story arc.  While Frank is strongly associated with Batman it was at Marvel comics that he got his big break.  Marvel's Daredevil was on the verge of cancellation when management decide to let Miller take over writing duties.  Miller brought in darker themes and made the title into a winner

Aemen Presley, 34, appeared in Dekalb County court this week on murder charges.  The aspiring actor came to Atlanta late last year and decided to take a day job which included a .45 pistol.  According to investigators he got a rush from his first kill and that led to more murders.  Presley claims he lost his murderous blood lust after he killed a 44 year old woman who was walking home alone.  Presley was arrested after passing through a MARTA turnstile without paying.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Humpday Horror Film Hotties

For some actresses Horror seems to be all they do.  Then there are those actresses who stop in from time to time and give us Horror fans a rise.  IYKWIMAIKTYD

Emily Blunt tanning in My Summer of Love

IKR.  Emily Blunt has a long list of great films including; The Devil Wears Prada, Charlie Wilson's War, and the SciFi films Looper and Edge of Tomorrow.  But I have to applaud her venture into cinema's dark side in 2010's The Wolfman.


Rose McGowan

Rose is known for more than her nearly naked public appearances.  She also has a long list of film credits which include Scream and Planet Terror.

Asia Argento

Asia is an actress very in demand these days.  She has the ability to bring some very quirky characters to life.  Her Horror bona fides?  Land of the Dead and when you do a George A. Romero film, baby your a Horror Hottie.


Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn

Yes, the executive producer of Ugly Betty has done some horror.  The aforementioned From Dusk Till Dawn and The Faculty.  Another wonderful actress who has taken the plunge into the horror genre and ya gotta love it.
Alexandra Paul in Christine 1983
Alexandra with her Baywatch co-stars
Alexandra was cute in Christine but she went on to do so much more.  While some actresses avoid horror Paul has popped up again in House of the Damned and Piranha.
Her final destination: the beach!

I always thought this woman had the most interesting face.  You do believe me, don't you. Ali Larter got her horror credentials in Final Destination and came back for the sequel. Then she joined Milla for Resident Evil: Afterlife.  Thanks Ali.

I hope you've enjoyed my look at some of the horror genre's finest specimens.  We'll do it all again sometime but in the meantime I'll leave you with another hottie and you can guess which one.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Florida Teacher Busted Selling LSD

A third grade teacher in St. Cloud Florida has been busted for selling acid and Xanax to an undercover officer.  Cheryl Heineman, 45, was arrested after an undercover officer called her twenty year old lover, Jack Lindsey, and asked to buy drugs.  Lindsey replied that he would send his girl.
Drug dealing lovers - allegedly
Other sources have reported that Heineman had begun as a non-teacher employee with the district in 1990 and later earned a degree and became a teacher.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Heineman is married and has three sons.  Police believe she was Lindsey's lover and acted as his driver for the drug transactions which typically took place in the parking lots of area businesses.  Police began looking into Lindsey's activities after a informant told them he was dealing drugs.  Police then made several buys which were video taped.

Sin has a way of luring you into deeper and deeper water.  Just a little bit at a time until you finally begin to drift away.  She may say she made a mistake or that she made poor choices, but none of that is true.  Cheryl gave into sin.  She thought only of herself.  And now her family will suffer.  A third grade class will miss their teacher.  Such are the wages of sin.

Presidential Considerations

As the 2016 field begins to populate with candidates I thought I would take the time to flesh out for you, the reader, where my thoughts are and where I am likely to end up.

Not Even A Consideration

Darth Vader has nothing on Hillary Clinton.  Anyone willing to take the least of time and read about the White Water Scandal will see that Mrs. Clinton was heavily involved.  It is reasonable to assume that she hid subpoenaed documents involved in the investigation.  Then there's Travelgate and Filegate; so it should be of no surprise that she kept a private server as Secretary of State and was less than forthcoming in the Benghazi investigation.

It seems unlikely that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.  As I see it now no Democrat could ever get my vote and further I believe that the party has veered into such radical waters they could lose their base.  

The abortion debate has turned a corner and you must listen carefully to what democrats are saying.  Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz has stated emphatically that her party's position is that there should be no restrictions at all on abortion.  The same Daily Caller story points out that the most recent Gallop survey says only 28% of Americans supports abortion under any circumstance.  In recent years Republicans have battled democrats over legislation to protect born alive babies that were the result of botched abortions.  What I'm getting at is that rabid activist democrats support a position on abortion that is out of line with mainstream voters.  And democrat's answers don't add up.  The government is involved with many areas of healthcare and the very idea that the abortion industry is above regulation is absurd.

Another loser for the Democrat party is the insane LGBT activism.  People, we have moved far beyond gay marriage.  This is a tyranny.

Houston's Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker

When Houston's mayor oversaw the passage of an expansion of the special privileges for gays and transgenders it ignited a firestorm.  Generally unpopular, citizens and pastors started a petition drive to put the ordinance on the ballot.  The lesbian mayor responded by subpoenaing the sermons and other presentations made by area pastors which concerned her ordinance.  An overt move to silence her critics political speech.  If you don't have a problem with men, who identify as women, using the women's bathroom - vote democrat.

Wait.  Before you do that, step over to The Other McCain where you will learn that male sex offenders like to identify as women, something which even alarms radical feminists.

These are just some of the reasons I cannot vote for a democrat.  In his first campaign Obama claimed he didn't support gay marriage.  Once in office he changed his mind?  Be real, the man was always down for the struggle.  Obama has populated his administration with some of the most radical lefties to come down the pike.  He was never mainstream America.  So, if some democrat emerges claiming not to champion the most extreme agendas of the left I cannot take them at their word.

As Republicans announce their intention to seek the Presidency I will evaluate them by the Buckley Rule.  Already, I can tell you that I don't wish to see Jeb get the nomination.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Agent Carter Update

“Continuing into season two I hope we can look into that more, the importance of women looking after other women. It’s not just a battle against the other sex, but more about women realising that we need to support each other rather than compete with each other. I think that’s absolutely crucial.” Hayley Atwell
Did Atwell let something slip at MEFCC?  Check out the whole story here.  Fans apparently broke out in loud cheers when she revealed that she would be in the upcoming Ant Man movie as Agent Carter.  I expect an official announcement by the time Avengers: Age Of Ultron debuts this spring.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

In The Noose: Week In Review

Rand Paul is running for President.  And the very well reared Savannah Gutherie immediately drew him out with the most important question of the day about abortion.  Really, Savannah are you all butt and no brain?

Hillary announces her presidential bid after a sit down dinner with left wing reporters to discuss their strategy.  Clinton would turn 69 the week before the election.

Obama embraces Castro while Iran deal comes apart in public.

Two students in Alabama have been arrested on sex assault charges stemming from spring break in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Police say that a video of the assault turned up while they were investigating a shooting and other arrests may be in the offing. 

Emily Michelle Rogers, 22, was arrested for sex between an educator and student. Police in Texas say she boinked a student at Christmas. Ho Ho Ho

Meanwhile in North Carolina, teacher Caron 'Crazy Eyes' Blanton has turned herself in to serve 20 days after pleading guilty to sending inappropriate pictures and videos to teen students.  She will have to register as a sex offender for 30 years.

Iran Deploys Warships Off Yemen's Coast.  Tehran seems determined to raise the stakes in the Yemeni crisis which has the potential to become a wider conflict.  Meanwhile in Jamaica President Obama told kids, "None of us can afford to take a day off."  The number of days Obama has golfed as of February 16th is 219.  Factoid courtesy Gateway Pundit.

Rule Five - Season Five: Game of Thrones

Peter Dinklage's Favorite 'Game Of Thrones' Scene May Have A Secret Meaning

That was The Huffington Post headline just a few days before the return on the HBO series. It's the same sort of thing you see before the release of a movie franchise installment.  You have to whet the appetite of the series faithful.
Not Peter Dinklage
Dinklage's remarks concern a scene from last year which may have been a diss of Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card who has been critical of the HBO series.

Probably Not Peter Dinklage

Based on A Song of Fire and Ice by famed fantasy novelist George R R Martin Game of Thrones has become hugely successful and its popularity shows no signs of weakening.

Also Not Peter Dinklage

If you're just now taking an interest in Game of Thrones let not your heart be troubled.  Past breastisodes are available on BluRay and DvD.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Democrats Are Cowards And Obama Is Their Leader

What would you think if a group of people stood around and did nothing while someone was beaten up on a public street?  If a woman was being raped by a group of men while others stood by and did nothing what would you think of the onlookers who didn't try and stop it? Like it or not, that is where we are as a nation.  This is where we've been taken by Obama, Democrats, and the left's propaganda machine disguised as the nation's news organizations.
When every credible military source warned that pulling our troops out of Iraq would lead to a rise in terrorist activity Obama did it anyway to appease his party's peaceniks.  But I've covered all this before.
"The Obama administration, in a statement released by press secretary Josh Earnest late Sunday, called the killing of the 21 Egyptian men a “despicable and cowardly murder” that should accelerate the need for a political resolution to the burgeoning conflict in Libya." - Politico.Com
So there we are on the street corner watching somebody get murdered and when it's all done and the blood is running in the streets we'll release a dispatch calling them bad names.  And this pathetic waste of human flesh that masquerades as our president doesn't even mention that they were Christians.  Big surprise?  Not really,  We know that Democrats hate Christians.  Indiana, anyone?  And we know Obama disparages Christians at every opportunity.

Why do I say these things?  Yazidi girls, some as young as ten, have been sold like livestock and gang raped in public by IS fighters and our president opened the door to this. Democrats and their media mouthpieces opened the door to this with their peacenik pretzel logic.

The U.S. has lost allies and credibility in the Middle East under Obama's watch and things are only getting worse. Italy is begging the U.N. for action in Libya while Obama's actions in Syria are being questioned by our few remaining allies in the region.

Perhaps I haven't stated the problem accurately by saying that Obama and the Democrats are like the onlookers of a public gang rape.  It's beginning to look as if they turned this mob loose on the innocent people of the Middle East. Why?  I couldn't tell you why anyone would do such a heartless thing but it's looking less and less accidental every day.

Obama: "My Muslim Faith"

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Middle East: Obama's Dream, Everyone's Nightmare

In a day and age when many young people don't even know who their U.S. Senator is, I thought I might start with a map of the Middle East.  Who knows, someone may learn something.

The President has had a big hand in unraveling the Middle East.  He embraced the Arab Spring lending material support to militants while he talked of how revolution would lead to democracy.  He played a part in the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt then gave his support to the Muslim Brotherhood.
"In 1991, when Saudi Arabia decided to cooperate with a U.S.-led force to expel Saddam Hussein’s Iraq from Kuwait, Riyadh was emboldened to participate by Cairo, whose support Washington had secured even before asking the Saudis. In fact, after the war, Hussein told his aides that he blamed Mubarak for the Arab action more than King Fahd of Saudi Arabia because the Iraqi dictator believed the Saudis would have been reluctant to act without Egypt." - Reuters
 It should be no surprise that Obama has turned to the Iranians for a foreign policy success story.  After alienating every ally in the region there is no one else  to whom he can turn.  After claiming that Yemen was a counter terrorism success story last September our President is making nice with the Iranian regime that is supporting the extremists which have torn Yemen apart.

In a region populated by violent extremists a revolution that leads to a peaceful democracy isn't possible.  It's not going to happen.  The President's ongoing proxy war in Syria will not result in a democracy.  I'm not a fan of Assad but we could end up with something worse.

"As for Syria, the Saudis are caught between their hatred for Islamic State and their hatred for President Bashar al-Assad. Riyadh’s vision for Syria does not exactly coincide with that of Egypt, which also doesn’t like Assad but fears his collapse more. The tension over this issue was reflected in the recent Arab summit, when Sisi welcomed a statement by Assad’s backer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, while Saudi officials pointedly criticized it." - Reuters

The Reuters story concerns the newly formed pan-Arab military force and asks the question, "Why Now?"  The obvious answer is that our former allies can no longer count on or trust Washington.  Hey guys, join the club.

Libya has been shattered by factional infighting between two major regional coalitions, Libya Dawn in Tripoli and the west, and the Dignity coalition in the east, which supports the recognized Libyan government, now sitting in Tobruk.

Libya was never an ally but the mess that was left behind is a threat to the security of neighboring states.  After Obama's coalition supported the overthrow of Gaddafi he seldom mentions the chaos that has resulted.  I don't think as a man Obama can recognize his own failures.  He has to blot them out to maintain his charade as a world leader.  It helps to have a compliant media at home.

Why should any of this matter to America?  With so much turmoil in the Middle East the possibility of a wider conflict is greatly enhanced.  A conflict which would damage the world economy to such an extent that our way of life would be significantly diminished.  Steven Bucci has a great article at The Daily Signal likening the Middle East today to pre-WWI Europe.

I truly miss Tim Russert.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

In The Noose: The Week In Review

How Skinny Is Too Skinny

You might think the French would have more important things to worry about but fashion is big business in Paris.  So this week a bill designed to  protect models from fashion houses that demand the drug addict look passed its first legislative hurdle.  All in the name of big fashion.

China Steps Up And Rescues Foreign Nationals From Yemen

With fighting nearing the port city of Aden several governments asked the Chinese to help in evacuating their personnel.  A Chinese missile frigate took aboard 122 people, including children, from 10 different nations.  The frigate which was in Aden to evacuate Chinese personnel had been in the area conducting anti-piracy operations.

Gov. Pence signs revised Indiana religious freedom bill into law

The anti-Christian bullies have won the day after a week long hate fest.  Note to Tim Cook, hypocritical pig at large: I will never own a Apple product as long as I live.

Pretending There's An Upside To A Deal With Iran

The Obama administration is celebrating an agreement to a basic outline of a deal with Iran? That's pretty desperate but as I've said all along this is really about Obama doing his damnedest to help his buddies in Tehran get economic sanctions lifted.

California Man Sentenced To 18 Years For Revenge Porn

Kevin Bollaert ran a Revenge Porn site that not only posted naughty pictures but also personal information.  Some victims were blackmailed which took this case to a higher level.  Of course many of the victims posed for those pictures willingly but let's not shame the victims.  Silly girls.

Elementary School Teacher Busted For Sex With Minors

Oh you silly Girl.  Police arrested Kourtnie Sanchez, 25, on a number of charges related to inappropriate conduct with minors.  Sanchez also coached older children and there is no word whether the alleged victims are students or children she coached.

Friday, April 3, 2015

A Lawless Rule Five

Lucy Lawless as Xena

"Hell yeah," I said sitting up in my chair.  Izzy Hartley, Agent of Shield, was laying waste to an army of Hydra goons.  It was Lawless at her action hero best and it was a bit of a surprise. Izzy Hartley appeared to have died in the first episode of season two but fans got another dose of the two fisted agent thanks to a flashback in the most recent showing.  If Marvel found a way to bring back Izzy the fans would be ecstatic, which is a bit weird since most of these shows rely on the young and impossibly attractive types.
Lawless, now 47, isn't likely to become a regular on the Marvel production due to her busy schedule.  But one can always dream.  Since becoming a cult icon as Xena, Lawless has gone on to other projects and kept quite busy while finding time for a family.  One of her most prominent roles has been that of Lucretia in the Spartacus franchise.

Lucy Lawless from Spartacus

Marvel Fans may have to wait a while longer to see Izzy again but I suspect the show's producers know that Lawless is a fan favorite.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Obama: Hapless Victim In Foreign Policy

All too often I'm reading or listening to a Democratic Talking Points Media Outlet and start shaking my head at the complete dishonesty of the author.  Such was the case this morning when I began to read a Washington Post story on Obama's foreign policy.
Much of President Obama’s foreign policy agenda has been foisted upon him during his six years in office. He inherited two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which he’s been able to end. He’s had to react to chaos in the Middle East and a Russian incursion in Ukraine.
Realistically it's a given that any President is inheriting a situation from the previous administration.  Ronald Reagan didn't just inherit from Jimmy Carter.  Anyone old enough to remember the 70's would have to confess that those years were some of the darkest, as far as our government, in US history.  In fact, I would say that Reagan took office after a rocky period that began with the assassination of JFK.  But here in the first paragraph of this piece from Greg Jaffe we get this sad little fiddle of how bad it was for BHO.  Pass me a tissue.

There was hardly a war in Iraq when BHO took office.  The build up had been a success and our troops were essentially in peace keeping mode, until the jihadist's best friend pulled them out.  The chaos in the Middle East the author points up also has BHO's finger prints all over it.  Obama gave material support to Arab Spring fighters who ousted Egypt's Mubarak, left Libya a chaotic mess while he continues to arm fighters in Syria.
Add to all of this the alienation of the Israeli government and I'm not all busted up over the President's plight.  Maybe one day Mr. Jaffe will have a mind of his own.

Bob Hope on Zombies and Democrats

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Avril Lavigne: Overcoming Lyme Disease

Pop singer Avril Lavigne recounted her recent bout of Lyme disease with the New Zealand Herald.

"I had no idea a bug bite could do this. I was bedridden for five months." - The New Zealand Herald
 Unable to get out of bed the singer admitted she went without showering for weeks.  Husband Chad Kroeger was only able to check in on her during breaks in the Nickelback tour.  Lavigne said messages and videos from fans wishing her well boosted her spirits.
According to Wikipedia Lyme Disease can cause long term or permanent health problems.  The disease is spread by ticks and with warmer weather and outdoor activities everyone should be more conscious of the threat this disease poses.  Learn the symptoms.  Reduce your exposure by wearing proper clothing and check yourself for ticks when you return from an outdoor excursion.  And if you have any reason to think you may have been infected seek medical help